Traffic Signs

Traffic Sign, Design, Supply and Installation

Aylesbury Mains Ltd has been offering a combined sign supply and installation service for over 35 years, utilising our extremely experienced operatives trained in all aspects of sign installations. Born from a desire to take better control of customer relations, site activities, and Health, Safety and Quality matters Aylesbury Mains Ltd (Traffic Sign Installations) was founded.

With a history of developing and delivering innovative, collaborative and responsible approaches to site works we are able to provide a full and complete service from design to final electrical testing and certification.

HEA/HERS (Highways Electrical Registration Scheme) registered organisation, our workforce is well trained, experienced and qualified under the NHSS 8 Sector scheme.


Our services include:-

   •    Design, provision and installation of concrete foundations for traffic signs.

   •    Design provision and installation of a wide range of traffic sign supports including passively safe posts.

   •    Design, Supply and installation of electrical and non-electrical Highway verge and Statutory signs, and Traffic Bollards.

   •    Design, Supply and installation of Motorway and High Speed Road verge and gantry signs.

   •    Detailed asset management surveys.

   •    Sign maintenance and cleaning services.

   •    VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs) Installation and configuration.