Intelligent Traffic Systems

One of the challenges facing highway operators today is how to manage long-distance passenger and goods traffic more efficiently. They need to keep traffic flowing smoothly, avoid accidents and congestion, and help reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Just how much can be done today to overcome this challenge and balance mobility, safety and environmental needs is exemplified by numerous instances in which operators have successfully deployed our industry-leading traffic management technology and solutions. The latter include smart traffic management systems that can monitor factors like traffic speed and density and, when traffic volumes increase, impose speed limits and open up hard shoulders to help maintain the flow

Aylesbury Mains Ltd can provide a fully integrated system, including all installation of sensors cable networks, installation of control panels, GPRS modems and connectivity, and commissioning and integration to the Clients existing operating platforms. The Smart City technology is emerging and integration of many services such as street lighting control, bus routes and ETA for those services, including traffic waypoint ETAs, will all assist road users in the future to better plan routes and make our highway networks more efficient. Pedestrian and cycle detection systems further increase efficient use of traffic signals and junctions, and at the same time increased safety to vulnerable road users. Aylesbury Mains Ltd are actively working with Clients in providing solutions and delivering these services, using some of best and most innovative products available on the market.