About us

Who We Are


Aylesbury Mains are suppliers & erectors of street lighting & signs in around the Milton Keynes Area who also provide all ground work, service installation and connections. We also offer thrust boring and excavator and trencher hire.

We are a small company that has immense pride in how we conduct our business and the quality of the services we provide to our Clients. Whilst we are a SME company we have the ability to deal with large projects. Clients can deal with us in confidence as we are a financially 5 star rated company. We pride ourselves on paying our supply chain in accordance with terms agreed, this builds long and lasting relationships with our suppliers often reducing lead times for material supplies. Our staff are highly skilled and qualified in a wide range of skills making for a very flexible workforce.


We believe in prioritising 


  • Client Needs and requirements


  • Health and Safety


  • Expert Knowledge and Certification